Characters                                              played by

The Otis
Family, an American family moving to good old England:

MrHiram Otis, father                                                  Larissa Hannes               

Mrs Lucretia, mother                                                 Klara Böcher                                                  

Virginia Otis , daughter, nearly 16                              Paula Wollmann, Maren Wolf

Washington Otis, son, 18                                           Johanna Lang

Stars & Stripes, the                                                     

Otis twins ( girl & boy) 12                                          Alisa Sogijaine, Laura Reuker

Other characters:

The Canterville Ghost-

Sir Simon de Canterville                                            Jennifer Reinl

Lord Canterville:                                                       Yolanthe Hartevelt

Cecil, Duke of Cheshire,                                            Maren Wolf, Paula Wollmann

18 , Virginia’s special friend                                    

Servants at Canterville Chase:

Mrs Umney, the housekeeper                                     Lara Hauschild, Lisajoy Kaiser

Mrs Hoskins, the gardener                                         Yolanthe Hartevelt

Jenny, the housemaid & cook                                     Josephine Weier

Summary of the plot:

When we think of very old houses and castles in Britain, then we automatically think of ghosts.

The Canterville Ghost has been haunting Lord Canterville’s family at Canterville Chase for over three hundred years. He and is family have had enough of it. So Lord Canterville sells their old home to an American family which is moving house to England. Mr Hiram Otis is quite excited about his new home, but the other family members do not really like the idea at first. Mrs Otis and the children have trouble with British English, but Mr Otis is certain to turn his family into real English gentlemen and –women. The servants are not very happy with the new owners, especially not those devilish twins, but a much bigger problem is the 300-year-old ghost of Sir Simon de Canterville. He hates those Americans because they do not even believe in ghosts. Virginia is the only one Sir Simon likes and trusts. With her help, the Canterville Ghost can finally rest in peace in the nearby graveyard. And Virginia also meets a nice English gentleman, Cecile, Duke of Cheshire…

About us:

In our drama course (Wahlunterricht Darstellendes Spiel in englischer Sprache 8. & 9. Schuljahr), we decided to work on a dramatized version of this beloved story while learning different theatre techniques including: gesture & mime, voice, working with props, lighting, e.g. using shadows, building up a character, dramatic structure and more. There is still a lot more to learn. Nevertheless, we hope you will enjoy our performance (WU 9.1/2013/14/LS)